What we offer:


Decentralization of miners with water cooling through the placement of private landlords.


The use of heat generated by miners in the home for hot water and heating of accommodation.


The use of decentralized electricity tariffs for individuals, which are much lower than industrial ones, especially when using night tariffs


Placement of modern miners on compact Russian and foreign farms with the distribution of income from the work of miners among the owners of SMR tokens using the minimum cost of electricity due to territorial placement on sites with a low price of 1kW/h and through the use of independent sources of energy generation.


Faster growth of token yield and dividends from mining to BTC rate growth.In the future, the resumption of production of its own miners under conditions that make such production profitable.

About water-cooled miners and how to use them for heating and hot water

Token SMR

The SMR token is a fork of the original RMC (Russian Mining Coin) token, designed to distinguish from it the direction of mining and production of miners on the SHA-256 algorithm. At the moment, the SMR token is distributed in similar proportions among the owners of the RMC token and the project team, as well as among free exchange buyers.


SMR token is freely traded on several exchanges in SMR/BTC and RMC/SMR pairs.

A simple algorithm for the distribution of dividends

We offer a simple algorithm for calculating and distributing dividends from mining.

The transparency of the transaction

All transactions of the SMR token can be viewed on a special website at the wallet address.

List of SMR balances​

On a separate page of the site you can check the current list of balances of the SMR token.

Our gains

Our team has been working on the production of miners and the creation of mining farms since 2015. We have extensive experience in the construction and management of mining farms with water and air cooling capacity of up to several megawatts, from electrical wiring and water cooling circuits to the construction of intelligent farm management systems.

water cooling

Sections of miners Sunrise s11tx and s11tw with the organization of local cooling based chillers.

air cooling

Sections  of Sunrise s11i  and Sunrise s9i miners with air cooling and high density of placement.



Developed 10 models of ASIC miners (up to 70 Th) with air and water cooling (TM Pantech and Sunrise)

Intelligent control system

We have developed and used an intelligent control system, which allows to customize the parameters of its operation and provides a convenient interface for customers. The control system provides monitoring of performance and settings of all devices, address placement of miners on the farm, control of various parameters of work, support of warranty service of miners. This allows operators to respond to all events in real time.

The control system monitors the temperature and power consumption of the farm at various reference points: T environment, T air outlet, T water in the pipeline, the power of miners, etc. When critical values are reached, the system adjusts the control parameters of the farm and miners to optimize operation.

The farm management system actively interacts with the owners of miners, displaying online all available information on their devices: hashrate, temperature, power consumption, currents and more. In the personal account, the client can receive billing information, pay for energy, receive service and technical support.


The presence of a token SMR in your investment package automatically makes you the recipient of dividends from mining on our farms.

Exchanges with SMR listing

About us

About us​

A team of experienced professionals in the field of construction and management of mining farms, design and production of miners, placing devices on profitable places.

We create the largest mining farm in Russia and organize a full cycle of production of miners in Russia.

Our mission

Decentralization of mining by placing individuals on the terms of the use of secondary thermal energy from the work of miners for heating and hot water supply.

Organization of innovative mining farms with low cost of electricity and high income on modern devices

Our offer

Selling and accommodation of the miners from private individuals for heating purposes.

Selling and accommodation of the miners from private individuals for heating purposes.

Clear rules for the distribution of income.

Our team


Technical Director

Production control and farm management. Construction of cooling systems. Interaction with equipment suppliers.


Executive Director

Organization of placement and construction of mining farms. Interaction with the administration.

Financial Director

Financial audit of projects. The calculation of efficiency and return on investment. Interaction with clients.