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New development strategy of the project SMC-Club

Dear ladies and gentlemen! Our SMC-Club project continues to develop, although it faces certain difficulties. As you know, on the territory where the farm was located, there were problems of an objective nature, and we will not be able to run it again there. In the next few days we plan to move the farm…
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New SMR transaction viewer.

Friends!We have created a new SMR transaction viewer at It receives information from the SMR node and is independent of the first transaction viewer. Through it, you can view transactions at any SMR address since the beginning of the SMR network. In addition, the number of nodes and the number of validators have been…
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The SMR token airdrop is complete!

Dear friends! The SMR token airdrop is complete! We hope that all beginners have already learned how to use the wallet and tested the operation of the exchange. In the near future it will be possible to exchange small amounts in SMR for bitcoins through our exchanger with a lower commission than on the exchange…
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Друзья! Dear friends! У нас отличные новости! Good news! Мы запустили обменник по адресу: Our exchanger began to work: Пока он работает в тестовом режиме, поэтому сейчас в нем можно купить только биткоины или SMR. Другие направления обмена добавятся немного позднее. While it works in test mode, so now it is possible to buy…
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Изменение ссылки на наш телеграмм канал. Telegram link has changed.

Друзья! Friends! Для информационного разделения с проектом RMC мы изменили название нашего телеграмм канала:https://t.me/SMR_RU_EN Please note that the link to our telegram channel has changed: https://t.me/SMR_RU_EN

New purchase price of SUNRISE miners for SMR tokens

Ladies and gentlemen, After May holidays we plan to start the third part of our farm and to increase its power. The following farm will use only air miners of s15-s17, thus 3ya the turn is the range SUNRISE finishing for miners. The capacity of our first mining farm is limited, so the number of…
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Congratulations, You have become the owner of SMR tokens! This could be due to the possession of a certain number of RMC tokens as of December 2018 and the subsequent fork, as well as the purchase of SMR on the exchange or participation in our Airdrop. In this manual, we want to tell you how…
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SMR Airdrop

Today we are launching Airdrop to attract new holders and increase the popularity of the project. The reason of Airdrop is the launch of the 2nd stage of the mining farm.Maximum 1000 participants. Each participant will receive 0.02 SMR(~4.2$) Soon, new users will join to the Telegram chat. We kindly ask you to meet them…
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Запущена вторая очередь нашей фермы. Friends, today launched the second phase of the farm!

Уважаемые дамы и господа! К майским праздникам мы запустили вторую очередь нашей майнинговой фермы. На ферме в основном используются майнеры с водяным охлаждением нашего производства SUNRISE s11x, s11tx, s11w, а также некоторое количество воздушных майнеров s11i.  На данный момент включены майнеры общей вычислительной мощностью 2 Пх, в ближайшие дни мы доведем мощность до 4 Пх.…
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Amount of tokens exchanged for miners is revised

Ladies and gentlemen. The capacity of our mining farm is limited, so amount of tokens exchanged for miners is revised downward every week by 10%. As we have already reported, the first review is being carried out today, 11 April. The following is a reduced amount of exchange. The current cost of exchange of miners…
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