Miners SUNRISE with water cooling and efficient system of water heating on their base

Who benefits?

  • For those who want to build an effective heating system
  • For those who want to earn, not to spend
  • For those who want to forget about wall radiators in the interior
  • For those who want to make heating not just economical, but profitable

Miner as a source of heat and profit

We offer you one of the most effective options for building home heating systems, such as underfloor heating, and home hot water supply (HWS) on the basis of the popular and reliable ASIC-miners SUNRISE s11tx. Miner s11tx is the best product of the Sunrise line of miners and the best solution in the world when using the heat of the miner for heating and hot water supply.  

Miners Sunrise s11tx were produced in 2017 and 2018 in large series by the RMC project. Controller of miner is designed for connection of 12 boards, each board have 66 chips (16 nm). With 12 boards, the miner has a capacity of 72Th. However more convenient for heating on our experience is a miner with 8 boards on 48Th. Information about all parameters of the miner is displayed on the display by switching of several screens and in the web interface of the miner (see pic. below).

Features of the Sunrise miner

Each board consists of 3 chains of 22 chips. Each chain is autonomous and independently managed by a controller.  Each chain has its own temperature controller and separate power management. The user sets the target temperature of the chain (usually 75 degrees) and the limit frequency. When you turn on the miner, the frequency begins to gradually increase up to the limit as long as the target temperature condition is met. If one of the chains begins to exceed the target temperature, the frequency of the chain is adjusted to a value that corresponds to the specified temperature. Thus, when the cooling flow from the chip chain changes, the temperature of the chain is always kept at the target level. Information about all the parameters of the miner is displayed on the display by successive switching of several screens and in the web interface of the miner.

Protection against overheating in the line of Sunrise miners works as follows: if there is practically no heat removal from the chip chain (water from the cooling line has disappeared), then even at the lowest frequency the temperature continues to rise. When the temperature reaches a critical (user-adjustable, usually 80-85 g), the chain is completely disconnected from the power supply. When the temperature drops to the switch-on temperature (user adjustable, usually 60-65 g) what happens is the switch-on of the chip chain starting from the minimum frequency.Thus, the miner will not burn out even in the absence of cooling. Therefore, the Sunrise s11tx is one of the most reliable miners in the world.

How it works:

The scheme of inclusion of the miner in the heating system and hot water

Since hot water in the house is required all year round, then consider the scheme of work on the example of HWS. The simplest scheme includes: miner, pump, indirect heating circulation boiler. The miner begins to heat the cold water in the boiler working at the maximum frequency (giving the maximum hashrate and the maximum amount of heat). As the water is heated, the temperature of the chains approaches the target and the frequency decreases, which leads to a decrease in hashrate and heat dissipation and, of course, energy consumption (!). If the house periodically use water, the miner continues to operate in the «floating frequency» mode, the more hot water is consumed, the higher the total hashrate and energy consumption. If the flow of hot water is completely stopped, the temperature of the circuit chips reaches critical, and they are completely switched off (energy is not consumed!). At the same time, the water temperature in the tank will be set at a protective level, i.e. about 80 degrees. The main advantage of this scheme is simplicity, and the main disadvantage is that the miner does not work at full capacity and because of the lack of water consumption, it gives a very small hashrate at night, when the energy is the most inexpensive . 

Therefore, we offer another, more universal scheme, which can be seen in the picture. In this scheme, the heated coolant after the hot water boiler is used to heat the coolant in the heating system «warm floor» (through the heat exchanger) and is discharged into the cooler (radiator+fan) from the external unit of the air conditioner. If you install the intelligent control unit, it is possible to program any scenarios. For example, the external unit is activated only at night, which optimizes energy consumption at a low rate.


Miner - heating module for the system​

Electronic heating boiler is the main element of the system. It is built on the basis of a group of Sunrise s11tx miners, connected in parallel and allowing to reach the coolant temperature up to 65 degrees. At the same time, each module produces up to 48Th calculations by the SHA-256 algorithm, bringing income to the owner in the form of cryptocurrency.


Indirect heating boiler for hot water supply​

The boiler is designed to heat the entire volume of water placed in the boiler due to an independent circuit of heat exchange. The water quickly warms up to a comfortable temperature of 65 degrees.
The water from the boiler is intended for use in the hot water system: washbasin, shower, kitchen, toilet.​


Heat exchanger for connection of two circuits​

Typically, floor heating already exists in the built house, so for the integration of our system into an existing one without its global restructuring requires a heat exchanger that connects the contours of the existing and new systems. Inside the case, the heat from the water in the circuit of the miners after the boiler is transferred to the main floor heating.​


Circulation pump - the heart of the system​

The circulation pump controls the pressure in the system and thus affects the rate of water heating in the boiler and the heat transfer to the Underfloor heating system. You can use a relatively inexpensive pump with manual control of domestic production or a full-featured pump with electronic control for the control system Smart home.


Conditioner cooler for heating system​

The external unit of the air conditioner plays the role of a backup cooler for the entire hot water supply and heating system. With its help, excess heat from the system, if necessary, is discharged into the atmosphere, as in the operation of the air conditioner. The cooler is turned on when the critical water temperature in the pipeline is reached.​

Below are photos of the work of miners in large heating systems. For a house with an area of 150-200 square meters designed for a family of 3-4 people is enough to put a minimum unit consisting of 3 miners. 

Intelligent control unit for
Sunrise s11tx miners and heating system

Intelligent control unit (ICU) allows:

  • to see all the critical temperatures of the system.
  • to track the availability of power supply in the system.
  • to control through the web-interface the water temperature in the HWS system and in the floor heating circuit.
  • to control the on/off of all the main elements of the system in manual or automatic mode via the Internet.

     You can order ICU simultaneously with the purchase of miners and order of the heating system

Why miners and why Sunrise s11tx?

Two useful devices in one

Using SUNRISE s11tx as a heating element in the underfloor heating system, you simultaneously get a powerful asic miner to produce cryptocurrency and virtually free heat from its cooling. Virtually silent miner (only the noise of fans BP) allows you to place the device even in residential areas.


Using SUNRISE s11tx You can flexibly build up the necessary heat and the computational power required to heat a certain area or to receive sufficient income.

Management automation

Today, the SUNRISE s11tx is the best water-cooled miner model suitable for modular system construction. It combines flexible intelligent temperature control with high protective properties to guarantee its reliability.


  • The profitability of the three modules s11tx (optimal for a private house) with a total capacity of 144Th at the current rates of BTC, dollar and network complexity - about $38 per day.
  • Electricity costs depend on your tariff. Take for example a country tariff in the Moscow region, where country houses are located. The tariff is divided into daily (from 8.00 to 23.00) - 4.33 rubles/kWh and night (from 23.00 to 8.00) - 1.60 rubles/kWh. At maximum power 3x7=21 kW total electricity costs per day: 1455 (day) + 269 (night)=1724 rubles/day or about $27. For other regions, these figures are much more profitable, for example, for a country two-tariff plan in the Irkutsk region, the costs will be only $5/day.
  • Thus, the daily profit for the Moscow region is 38-27=11$/day or 330$ per month, and for the Irkutsk region the profit is about 990$ per month.
  • The profit increases in proportion to the number of modules. The minimum recommended quantity is 3 miners. When you increase the placed modules (in installments or collocation), the profit increases proportionally.
  • It should also be remembered that we can deduct even the fixed costs of the homeowner for hot water and heating (in the heating season) from the cost of electricity, and this is significant.
  • The most important thing when using miners for such systems - you get hot water and heating ABSOLUTELY FREE! Therefore, their work will be profitable for several years.

We present for comparison the calculation of the cost of obtaining the same amount of thermal energy when using a gas boiler for heating or hot water (considered the cheapest way of heating). The volume of gas that is required for the production of thermal energy is calculated by the formula V=Q/(Hi*efficiency), where V is the volume of gas in m3/h, Q is the thermal power in kW, Hi is the specific heat of combustion in kWh/m3, efficiency is the efficiency of the boiler (at best it is about 0.88). For our 21 kW of maximum electric power (three miners), about 90% goes into heat, i.e. about 19 kW . Hi for natural gas is about 9 kWh/m3. Total volume of gas required per hour is V=19/(9*0.88)=2.4 m3. The price of 1m3 of gas in the Moscow region in 2019 — 6.4 rubles. Thus, per day costs are: 24 hours * 2.4 m3 * 6.4 rubles =368 rubles or $ 5.85. There is no income from the gas boiler. It is possible to compare to MO: for gas — 5.85$ the cost per day but for Sunrise s11tx — 11$ revenue (not a cost) per day!!

What we offer?

Sale of Sunrise s11tx miners​

We sell to individuals the Sunrise s11tx miners with water cooling to create underfloor heating and hot water systems for SMR tokens. We are ready to offer various options for the acquisition of miners.

Development of underfloor heating​

We are ready to offer an individual solution of the underfloor heating system on the basis of our modules and to design for you a personal version of the system with the duplication of the existing classic underfloor heating system on other types of heaters.​

Sale of miners in installments​

We are ready to offer our customers options for buying miners in installments. In this case, You already get the module itself and we just gradually deduct its value from the income of mining. And hot water you get immediately and for free!

Profitable colocation of miners in your home​

We are ready to offer our customers the placement of miners in your home with their work in the system of underfloor heating or hot water on the conditions of colocation. We pay the cost of electricity, and you get free heat!

Fill out the form to purchase and calculate the heating and hot water supply system​